Segura Anti-Virus Policy Review
We take a look at your Anti-Virus policies, verifying that they reflect the current and expected corporate environment and threats. We review with your specialists the existing policy guidelines and verify compliance with them. We conduct brainstorming sessions with relevant internal specialists to provide recommendations for improvements and enhancements.
Key Benefits
  • In a short period of time, you obtain a realistic view of how well you are doing
  • All recommendations are of a practical nature
  • Implementation guidelines can be prepared for your internal specialists to follow
We've been around Since 1992, we've been intimately involved in Anti-Virus system design and implementation, with organizations ranging from Canadian Government Departments to major Canadian banks. We've gained a wealth of knowledge on this area which can be applied to your project.
We keep ourselves up-to-date Every year, we attend the relevant conferences and technical meetings, constantly research the latest white papers and theories, converse with the key people in the industry, many of whom we have known for years. We also write articles on malware for numerous publications.
We're active in our industry We've been teaching Anti-Virus best practices methodology for years, in Canada, the US and Europe. We've written numerous courses on Anti-Virus techniques, have contributed to the design advancement of Anti-Virus products and assisted users from around the world in solving their Anti-Virus problems.

We would be pleased to forward contact details of references. Please contact us.

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