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Site virusright.gif (2178 bytes) What you will find there

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Some very interesting tests of Anti-Virus software. Worth checking out - possibly the best around these days.

AV-Test is a project of the Business-Information -Workgroup at the Institute of Technical and Business Information systems at the Otto-von- Guericke University Magdeburg and Andreas Marx from GEGA Software- und Medienservice.

European Institute for Anti-Virus Research (EICAR) Information on this organization, which also looks at malware.

icsa.gif (754 bytes) On a regular basis, they do comparative reviews of anti-virus software. They have a list of ICSA-Certified software.
Secure Computing

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On a regular basis, they do comparative reviews of anti-virus software.
University of Hamburg

vtc.gif (4383 bytes) On a regular basis, they do exhaustive comparative reviews of Anti-Virus software. They consider all the malware and viruses out there when testing.
Virus Bulletin     vbsite.gif (1745 bytes)

A publication dedicated to information on viruses, comparative virus detection tests of the WildList viruses
Virus Myths and Hoaxes Homepage

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The best site for information on hoaxes and myths of the virus age.
The WildList Organization Information on the WildList and its usage.


Other Locations for Virus Information

Association of AV Asian Researchers
Aladdin Alerts

AVP Virus Encyclopedia
F-Secure Computer Virus Info
Network Associates, Inc. (McAfee)

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