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Segura Solutions publishes books and CDs to enrich your life

If you are ready to discover what it is that has been preventing you from attaining your financial success, then this book is for you.

Concise, informative and easy to understand, The Missing Link to Your Financial Success will give you the secret you need to get onto your journey of success.

Missing Link Financial Success Workbook

Ready to put into practice the concepts you learned in
The Missing Link to Your Financial Success?

Now you can get the maximum benefit from affirmations, positive thinking, The Law of Attraction, workshops on The Millionaire Mind, books, recordings, The Secret, NLP, and Being in the Now.

If you are ready to make that move forward and reduce and eliminate that which has been preventing you from attaining your financial success, then this book is for you.

Concise, informative and packed with more than 100 powerful yet easy-to-understand practical exercises, The Missing Link to Your Financial Success Workbook will guide you onto your journey towards success.

Still suffering the pain of past sorrow, heartache, loss?

There are literally hundreds of systems that tell you they will help you heal your emotional wounds. Unfortunately, most do not deliver the goods.

If you have been finding that, one after another, the healing modalities you have tried only provide you with some measure of relief, then maybe you are ready to find one that will provide you with resolution.

Inside The Missing Link to your Emotional Healing Success, you will discover the underlying causes and most effective ways to heal emotional wounds - heartaches, sorrow, sadness, pain, etc..

Select the CDs or downloads of AER sessions to help you release stressful feelings

You can download guided AER releasing sessions for dealing with feelings of Anxiety. AER stands for the Awareness Expression Resolution method which has helped people worldwide to release feelings which cause them stress and discomfort in their lives.

More information on AER is available at http://www.vibert.ca

The Enterprise Anti-Virus Book
The highly acclaimed compendium of useful Anti-Virus information - more than 600 criteria you should consider before spending another dime on your Anti-Virus solution. Used by major organizations around the world.

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