The Enterprise Anti-Virus Book


Value for your money

First and foremost, there is no other book/manual of this type available. Other works on Anti-Virus either deal with the technical aspects of how viruses work or how to develop policies for dealing with them. This book bridges these two worlds and gives you the tools you need to put into practice your policies and procedures concerning Anti-Virus,

  • saving you time

  • saving you effort

  • making sure you cover all the bases.


"This is the most thorough book on how and why Anti-Virus should be used that I have read."

Shimon Gruper, CISSP - Executive VP, Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd.


If one was to hire a consultant or delegate someone internally to prepare a checklist of criteria to consider in comparing the various Anti-Virus solutions available, it would take this person anywhere from one to four weeks to research and produce this document, depending on their anti-virus knowledge and access to resources.


How much would it cost to compile a report as complete than this book?

  • A consultant who charges $1000/day and worked on it for 10 days would charge $10,000.

  • Assigning it to an internal specialist who only costs the organization $250/day, you would still be looking at $2,500.

Any way you look at it, The Enterprise Anti-Virus Book will save you a lot of time and money.   With over 600 criteria already defined and explained for you, you don't have to re-invent the wheel and you'll reduce the chances of missing critical factors to consider.


"A very valuable resource, well worth the money. In fact, the price is incredibly low considering the wealth of information provided and money saved by following the advice it contains."

Andrew Lee, Virus Alerts Response Team, Dorset County Council

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