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What some people have said about The Enterprise Anti-Virus Book and the author

Steve Howells

Global Security Operations Manager, KPMG

"I recommend it unreservedly to any corporate anti-virus administrator."
David Harley

Security Officer, AV Specialist

Imperial Cancer Research Fund, WildList Reporter

"Not the book with all the answers, but something more important: the book with just about all the questions."
Shimon Gruper

CISSP - Executive VP

Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd.

"This is the most thorough book on how and why Anti-Virus should be used that I have read."
Harold Young

IM Security Manager - National Capital Region

Department of National Defence, Canada

"This comprehensive compilation of virus-related material is a most welcome addition to my systems security reference library.

This is the first document that I have seen that "puts it all together" as an anti-virus reference work. Robert Vibert has used his long association with the malicious code issue to gather, compile and publish this document that has been long needed for those of us responsible to protect and deal with the security threats to large corporate networks.

I have been very pleased to use The Enterprise Anti-Virus Book."

Peter Sherwood

Senior AntiVirus Analyst, AVERT (AntiVirus Emergency Response Team)

Nortel Networks  

"I wish this book had been written a few years ago - my life would have been a lot simpler. As someone charged with analyzing and solving Viral problems for over 200,000 computers in a global corporation, I am constantly finding that Enterprise-level Anti-Virus scalability is often neglected in the solutions supplied. Many of us on the front line are faced daily with large-scale concerns - protecting thousands of Desktops, Servers and the e-mail infrastructure that supports them.

With the paucity of unbiased information available on Enterprise Anti-Virus Protection, it has been a challenging task, to say the least. Robert Vibert has definitely helped fill this gap - we now have a reference to help ensure we do all that we should. Robert has covered the basics AND these scalability concerns."

David Black

Senior IT Security Consultant,  Specialist in the RCMP Anti-Virus Response Section for five years, Technical Security Branch

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

"From a Canadian perspective, Robert Vibert's sage advice has been a breath of fresh air in a world sometimes gone virus mad. We have counted on his consistently expert support to assist our ongoing initiatives in virus incident response. I feel that this unique publication will become the basis for a sound technical reference in the ongoing investigation of and response to viruses."
Kenneth Bechtel

Wizop of VirusCentral forum on CompuServe, former LAN Manager/ Anti-Virus Technician, ICSA.Net, WildList Reporter

"Robert Vibert has taken his many years of Anti-Virus knowledge and practical experience and packaged them into a solid tome which divulges many of the secrets of professional Anti-Virus consultants. His careful choice of wording and language guarantees that everyone from the average LAN Administrator to the Security Specialist can understand and implement the numerous suggestions presented.

There is no other single source of such detailed information on the criteria needed for Enterprise Anti-Virus."

Michael Deloughery

Senior Anti-Virus Marketing Consultant

SSS-Sensible Security Solutions

"Robert Vibert has an encyclopedic memory for detail which he combines with a keen business sense. There are few in the anti-virus field as adept at cutting through the marketing fluff and giving you the straight goods on what an Anti-Virus product can or cannot do. More importantly, his advice is always tempered with considerations on whether each product would make good business sense for your organization. This practical book, which is a veritable compendium of what you need to consider for a truly Enterprise Anti-Virus solution, has been long overdue!"
Matt Ham

Technical Consultant

Virus Bulletin

"...there is a great deal to be said for many of the questions, inasmuch as they are not obviously of importance until further implications, mentioned in the text, are considered... Mainstream magazine reviewers of AV software should have this book, or a close equivalent, as required reading. An idea of the relevant issues for real users, combined with the depth of investigation required to make a realistic judgement on a virus solution, might well improve the generally ectoplasmatic nature of such reviews. It will certainly make this reviewer's task easier."

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